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Divetech Ltd is a company that utilizes a REMOTE OPERATED VEHICLE (ROV) for underwater visual inspections.

Our customers say that a R.O.V is the preferred method of preliminary inspection and if divers are required as this limits the exposure of the divers and allow them to focus on areas of interest and not waste precious dive time on searching for the problem

Divetech Ltd operates a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) designed to deploy our sensors and tools into a variety of structures. Whether the requirement calls for small ROV to enter limited access structures or large ROV capable of high currents or very long penetrations, we have the deployment platform for the project.

At Divetech, Ltd we have completed a wide variety of projects using remote operated vehicles, The projects cover a broad spectrum of underwater work and inspection, applications in industries such as water conveyance tunnels, ocean outfalls, bridges, power & telecommunications cables, shipwreck surveys, diver support and salvage operations.

Remote Operated Vehicles are the advanced technology that allows us to provide outstanding service to our clients. In fact, the ROV is simply a deployment system used in the underwater inspection process. The sensors and tools are the most important part of the total ROV system because they produce the data necessary to interpret the data and, design underwater repairs.

Experience is the most important component of clear video imaging underwater. Smooth piloting with the proper lighting and cameras gives the best possible imaging. Experienced pilots adjust everything from the position of the ROV, tilt of the camera, light intensity and camera selection to obtain the most meaningful image.


Training Services:
ROV Pilot Technician  |    Side Scan Sonar Operator


  • ROV Surveys
  • Sidescan Sonar Surveys
  • Workboat Rental & crewing
  • Deep Water Surveys
  • Ship Hull Surveys
  • Port Security
  • Potable Water Inspections
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Underwater Film Work
  • Power & Telecommunications Cable Surveys
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • Side Scan Sonar Surveys
  • Salvage Support
  • Bridge Surveys
  • Insurance Investigations & Rescue Support
  • Marine Civil Engineering support
  • Hydro & Nuclear Inspections
  • Fisheries Surveys
  • Commercial Diving Support
  • Aquaculture & Fish Farm Surveys
  • Mooring Surveys
  • Pipeline & Outfall Surveys
  • Cooling Intake Surveys
  • Scour & Debris Surveys
  • Underground Reservoir Surveys
  • Reservoir & Dam Inspections
  • Confined Space Surveys
  • Marine Accident Investigation