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Safety Boat Services

Safety Boat ServicesSafety boats may be a requirement for marine construction projects when work over the water is occurring. Divetech Ltd provides safety boat services to meet your requirements.
Our team operates to the impeccably high standards required by the emergency services. We can guide you through selecting the correct coverage you require.

We supply safety boats for any situation and at any location. With our equipment and expertise, we can launch the appropriate vessel from even the most difficult to reach places.

We are experienced in a range of safety cover procedures and capable of servicing coastal, estuary and freshwater project locations. Our experienced personnel are Transport Canada certified.

We guarantee you make informed decisions and work with a partner that never comprises your organisation’s main objective - to operate safely.

 We provide cover for many industry and sectors, including:

  • Civil engineering surveys (bridges, river banks, sea defences)
  • Bridge repairs & maintenance
  • Bank repairs & maintenance
  • Dive operations
  • Event cover
  • Energy & utilities projects
  • Maritime Construction
  • Filming & TV
  • Flood defences
  • Environmental projects
  • Emergency response
  • Scaffolding
  • Pollution control