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Got a Question? Here are just some we've encountered...
Q. What is an R.O.V.?
A. Basically an R.O.V., or Remotely Operated Vehicle, is a tethered waterproof video camera with motors and various sensors, which can be controlled by an operator on the surface without the need for a diver and his attendants.

In some configurations, a claw or manipulator is attached to retrieve objects or attach a line.

Q. Aren't R.O.V’s a new unproven technology?
A. No, R.O.V’s have been used by the government since the mid 1950's and by the private sector since the mid 1970's.

It is only recently that R.O.V. prices have dropped to within the reach of small companies like ourselves who can help the everyday people and
agencies in our community.

Q. What are the advantages of an ROV. compared to divers?
A. An R.O.V. can perform underwater inspections without exposing humans to dangerous situations

Our completely self contained survey unit is ready to roll out to any location at a moment's notice. As ROV's use and popularity continue to grow we have invested heavily in the technologies for quick and efficient marine inspections.

No longer is it necessary to call in divers for risky work, now you can see everything in real time.