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Commercial Diving


Divetech ltd are an underwater contractor providing inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition to any structures, we provide highly trained professional commercial diving teams for any operation or project at short notice for any length of time required.

Our commercial divers and commercial diving supervisors are trained and certified to Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) standards and can be deployed to any location at short notice.

Inspections and Surveys - visual, photographic, video, sector scanning sonar using the Kongsberg MS 1000

Underwater Construction and Engineering ultrathermic cutting/burning, red seal coded welders and welding, drilling, airlifting, dredging, concreting, formwork, cleaning, and debris removal

Installations, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) - design, install, testing, maintain, and repair

Demolition and Decommissioning - concrete breakout, cutting

Non-Destructive Testing (NTD) - corrosion trends and predictions, Cygnus and Tritex ultrasonic thickness meter readings

Search and Recovery - lost items, cargo and loads, air lifting bags

Salvage - vessels and vehicles

Cathodic Protection - sacrificial anodes, impressed current, inspection and replacement

Protective Coatings - paint, epoxies, resins, fillers, wraps

Scour Surveys and Scour Protection - placing grout filled mattresses, link-lock mattresses, and concrete bag work, gabion baskets

Emergency Call Out - 24 hours 365 days